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More Than 10 Years Of Skilled Legal Representation

Ronda Edgar, the founder and leader of Edgar Law Group, LLP, in San Jose, has been practicing law in California since 2003. Her degree in accounting and her masters in tax law helped prepare her to build a strong law practice with tax law as a focus.

In addition to tax law matters, the law firm handles a variety of other legal issues with tax implications, including real estate, estates, bankruptcy and business law. Our unique, customized legal solutions help individuals and businesses minimize tax obligations and prevent future tax liabilities.

A Team Approach To Every Case

When you choose our law firm to handle your case, you will have a team of lawyers, including Ronda Edgar on your side.

Our law firm has been carefully structured to achieve positive results with optimal efficiency. Through our effective team approach, often one attorney handles negotiation and trials as necessary, another handles research and investigation, and another handles the financial and accounting aspects of the case. Assistants deal with data input and technical matters. We provide in-house accounting and tax services at affordable rates. Our talented teams work hard to fix our clients’ legal problems.

Your Case Begins With A Free Consultation

We are available to discuss your case for free in an initial consultation. During this consultation, we can discuss specifically what our team will do to move your case forward and meet your needs. Call 877-345-3591 or email today to schedule a meeting.

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